In the 5 states and 216 counties we track, debt collectors filed797,290lawsuits from January 2019 to December 2022.

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About the Debt Collection Tracker

People who already had trouble paying their bills saw those troubles multiply during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although there were some moratoriums on debt collection, thousands of lawsuits were still being filed in a single county court per month. We have created the Debt Collection Lawsuit Tracker to monitor monthly updates to the number of debt cases being filed across the United States. We will continue to add data to the tracker over time.

An Overview of Debt Collection Lawsuits

The table shows an overview of debt collection lawsuits in the states and counties we track. View the report for individual states or counties to get a more detailed view, including charts and maps.

Last updated: December 2022

NameLawsuitsLawsuits Trend
Jan '19 - Dec '22
Default Judgments
212,461-View Report
Marion County
39,428-View Report
Lake County
23,246-View Report
St Joseph County
10,199-View Report
Elkhart County
7,053-View Report
Hamilton County
6,873-View Report
The top 5 counties by number of lawsuits are shown above. Go to the Indiana report to see all counties.
144,68053,244View Report
St Louis County
23,6898,810View Report
Jackson County
17,6436,485View Report
St Louis City
9,6553,317View Report
St Charles County
7,1722,467View Report
Clay County
6,7632,572View Report
The top 5 counties by number of lawsuits are shown above. Go to the Missouri report to see all counties.
131,39386,393View Report
New Haven County
37,02326,148View Report
Hartford County
36,82221,465View Report
Fairfield County
28,01020,065View Report
New London County
9,1725,128View Report
Litchfield County
6,2894,804View Report
The top 5 counties by number of lawsuits are shown above. Go to the Connecticut report to see all counties.
North Dakota
41,12035,593View Report
County level data is unavailable for North Dakota. Go to the state report to view debt collection by zip code region.
Harris County
267,63673,064View Report
State level data is unavailable for Texas. Only the Harris county report is available.
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Additional Info

Data for the Debt Collection Tracker was collected and prepared by our partners at JanuaryAdvisors.

Methodology report coming soon.

To contribute data to the debt collection tracker please contact us.