Hamilton County


lawsuits from January 2020 to December 2023


of defendants did not have legal representation


of lawsuits resulted in default judgments

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Top Debt Collectors

January 2020 - December 2023

Out of 2,131 debt collectors in Hamilton County, the top 10 (0.5%) are responsible for 24,213 (52.3%) of 46,337 lawsuits.

  • 'Lvnv Funding LLC
    6,775 lawsuits (14.6%)
  • Midland Credit Management Inc
    4,331 lawsuits (9.3%)
  • Trihealth Inc
    3,163 lawsuits (6.8%)
  • Portfolio Recovery Assocs LLC
    2,153 lawsuits (4.6%)
  • Discover Bank
    1,686 lawsuits (3.6%)
  • Portfolio Recovery Assoc LLC
    1,501 lawsuits (3.2%)
  • Jefferson Capital Systems LLC
    1,420 lawsuits (3.1%)
  • Credit Acceptance Corporation
    1,231 lawsuits (2.7%)
  • Cavalry Spv I LLC
    1,069 lawsuits (2.3%)
  • Capital One Na
    884 lawsuits (1.9%)
  • Other
    22,124 lawsuits (47.7%)

Debt Collection Lawsuits By Year

March typically has the most debt collection lawsuits filed each year, with an average of 1,134 filings, accounting for 9.8% of the filings for the year.

Geography of Debt Collection Lawsuits

January 2020 - December 2023

Hamilton County is split into 226 tracts. On the map you can see debt collection lawsuit statistics, shown as circles, and ACS statistics, shown as shaded backgrounds, for each census tract.

Select debt collection lawsuits statistic: DataSelect American Community Survey (2022, 5 year estimate) statistic:
Median Household Income
$0$250,001No Data

Overview of Debt Collection Lawsuits by Census Tract

January 2020 - December 2023

The table to the right shows data for the 226 Census tracts in Hamilton County. Use the search below to find a specific tract.

Last updated: December 2023

LocationLawsuitsLawsuits Trend
Jan '20 - Dec '23
Default Judgments
Census Tract 218.01

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Census Tract 215.72

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Census Tract 215.09

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Census Tract 101

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Census Tract 83

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Census Tract 274

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Census Tract 215.08

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Census Tract 221.02

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Census Tract 215.04

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Census Tract 100.02

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The top 10 tracts by number of lawsuits listed above are based on defendants' home addresses. Click the table headers to change sorting metrics for the entire dataset. Use search to find a specific location.
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Debt Collection Lawsuits by Neighborhood Demographics

Census tracts have been categorized by their racial/ethnic majority, based on data from the American Community Survey.

Neighborhoods by Racial Majority

  • White: 68.1% of neighborhoods, 56.6% of lawsuits

  • Black: 20.4% of neighborhoods, 28.4% of lawsuits

  • No Majority: 11.5% of neighborhoods, 15.0% of lawsuits

Difference from Proportionate Filings Based on Neighborhood Racial Majority Proportions

Proportionate Filings

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