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Debt Collection Lab researchers are an interdisciplinary team of scholars studying debt, debt collection, and courts. Our work explores court processes and evaluates state reforms to help level the legal playing field for unrepresented consumer borrowers and tells the stories of individuals and communities impacted by consumer debt.

Claire Johnson RabaJuly 31, 2023

The Unequal Burden of Debt Claims: Disparate Impact in California Debt Collection Cases

New findings from the Debt Collection Lab show that debt collection lawsuits are filed at higher rates against Black and Hispanic borrowers in California. Court data coupled with demographic predictions show disparities in engagement in the litigation process and more entries of judgment against non-white consumer defendants.

Claire Johnson RabaJuly 24, 2023

One-Sided Litigation: Lessons from Civil Docket Data in California Debt Collection Lawsuits

A new report summarizes the impact of debt collection cases on California consumers. Repeat player debt collectors and their attorneys have a litigation advantage in this state where unrepresented consumer defendants rarely participate in the court process.